The event planning is well underway so a lot of information is being collated and will be added here.  Please use the subscription options in the footer of the site, we have a vendor subscription as well as a general event, feel free to subscribe to both if you’re a vendor/service provider.

If you have a business / location and want to help promote the event please use the “Contact Us” tab and if possible we will get a poster for your establishment.

Event Purpose

  • Raise Autism Awareness.
  • Introduce parents of children with autism and those working in the field to vendors and services available to give children the best support required.
  • Raise funds for the local Registered Charity VSCA (Victoria Society for Children with Autism), which relies on donations, membership fees and fund raising events to continue to offer its events and programs shown below for its members.


About V.S.C.A.

Victoria Society for Children with Autism (VSCA) serves, encourages, educates, supports, and inspires families in Greater Victoria who are living with children on the autism spectrum.  VSCA continues to evolve and connect with the larger community.

Whether your child has been newly-diagnosed with Autism, you’d like to know more about the subject or talk with other parents, Victoria Society for Children with Autism (VSCA) is here to help.

VSCA Members services include:

  • monthly parent support groups
  • connections to resources & community organizations
  • monthly social activities for families
  • support to families after diagnosis
  • equipment and book lending library
  • volunteer opportunities
  • respite funding program as funding allows
  • monthly newsletter

For membership information visit the VCSA Website.